Guests Coming? Remember... Impressions Matter!

Whether you're trying to sell your home, having guests over for a party, or you simply want to enjoy your view, having clean windows will make your entire home sparkle. Your windows are a focal point, in and outside of your home, and clean windows give your whole house a visual boost. The opposite is true, too: If your windows have a layer of dirt or grime, it can make the whole place seem less clean than it is. Here's a couple of do's and don'ts for maintaining your home's windows.

Don't Forget the Interior
Maybe you have a maid service or housekeeper, or you think you'll just do the insides yourself and only have professional window cleaners take care of the outside. It might seem more practical or cost effective, but it's usually not. Only professional window cleaners have the tools to really do the job well. Your housecleaning service will probably leave streaks and smears or will use a cleaner and paper towels, and if you mean to do the windows yourself but never get around to it... well, you're going to have clean windows on the outside, but if the interior's dusty and dirty, the windows just won't look clean. Window Agency crews are professionally certified, licensed, bonded, and insured. You can trust us to work inside your home -- and we'll make sure to keep your home clean, too.

Do Clean the Windows Last
If you're having any other services done around your home -- anything from landscaping to painting to pressure washing -- it's best to save the windows for last. Why? You'd be amazed at the dirt and dust that can be stirred up by even minor maintenance, and when it lands on your windows, there goes that cleaning. It's also important to know that if you're having any construction or remodeling work done on your home, drywall mud, paint, or even abrasive chemicals can easily make their way onto your windows. Ask your contractors to tape and cover your windows to avert as much of this as possible. Schedule professional window cleaning last, so that your clean windows can be the finishing touch.

Don't Rely on Mother Nature
Rain is unpredictable in amount and frequency, which is another reason why dirt, dust, and pollen can accumulate on windows. You might think that when there finally is a downpour, it will simply take care of that grime. In fact, rain will only make a dirty window dirtier -- BUT it will roll right off a clean window.

Do Pay Attention to Hard Water Stains
Hard water stains, deposits, minerals on glass and other surfaces that leave white circles and marks can be difficult to remove. It's best not to try to take these stains off on your own. Without the right tools, it's extremely easy to scratch or scrape the glass -- and unlike hard water stains, they can't be removed. A professional window cleaning crew can get rid of hard water stains and other mineral deposits, getting you back to a clear view.