What does the customer think if your windows are smeared with grease and are always dirty when they walk in? He or she will be wondering what does the kitchen look like, how is the food handled, and just how clean is the kitchen if they don't even care about the windows. How many times have you walked into a fast food chain or a restaurant and the windows and floors were grimy? What did you think? Did you have second thoughts about staying? This is not a healthy scenario, and the professional restaurant owners and managers know this and never let this happen, never. They always look for a professional window cleaning service! They realize it is a small price to pay. The challenge is...where do they find professional, on time, window cleaners? It's not easy because there are not very many good and reliable ones out there. Well, you have found your solution right here.

American Window Cleaning cleans countless restaurants in the region and we do them well and we would be proud to have the opportunity to count you among those accounts. When restaurant windows are properly maintained inside and out, people subconsciously and consciously like the experience. Don't ever let dirty windows and ledges keep your customers away. Our regimented frequency schedule keeps this task on auto pilot forever. No need to call us up...we show up automatically. Our flexible scheduling allows us to arrive at specific times during the day, as to avoid any rushes and to ensure no distractions to your patrons while they are enjoying their meal. What a solution!! Oh, and don't forget, we can clean your display glass and mirrors and make them sparkle too. There is no second chance at a first impression.