Window Cleaning

Here you will find: 
  1. Shopping Centers and Retail Storefronts
  2. Restaurants
  3. Multi-Location Chain Stores
  4. Car Dealerships
  5. Office Buildings, Medical Parks, Hotels, Airports, and Schools
We service these stores and businesses on a regular rotating basis. These regular program services include:
  • twice weekly
  • every week
  • every other week
  • two times per month
  • once monthly
  • every two months
  • quarterly
  • semi-annually

We are not only good at we do but we are the best at it,  with prices you won't believe.

Here's why:

  1. We give your storefront a presentation to get customers in the door.
  2. We clean mirrors, showcases, and partition glass.
  3. We do our best to come at your convenience: morning, noon, or afternoon.
  4. Satisfaction guaranteed before you sign our job completion work orders.
  5. Trained technicians that will make your windows sparkle inside and out.
  6. Window ledges and frames are always wiped clean.
  7. Customized routing and scheduling software so we never miss a cleaning.
  8. Serving the southeast allows us to serve all of your locations.
  9. We move out displays and put them back ensuring a thorough inside cleaning.

What do most commercial customers complain about most?

Two things. 1) The window cleaner never showed up. That's right...the window cleaner before did not show up half the time or was way off schedule. How frustrating. We not only show up, but we show up on an even, regular, rotating basis. 2) The window cleaner before did not detail the frames and ledges. We always detail ledges and frames every time! We razor blade where necessary to remove stubborn dirt and adhesive too! Rest assured...we don't cut corners, we attack them. Marketing studies report that 75% of people that walk into business establishments value the cleanliness of the store. This fact alone can determine whether they return to do business.

A clean storefront is appealing and inviting to potential customers. We professionally enhance your image in which many times increases your bottom line more than you think. Our job is to get people in your door.